Virtual Accountability

~While the primary purpose of this site its to catalog information on NPOs and their use  of internet technologies for my dissertation by linking to relevant articles and blog postings, it also serves as a discussion tool to better understand the benefits of the internet to NPOs and well as some of the cautions.  This site serves as a starting ground for future research. ~

An estimated 70 percent of households donate to charity in any given year,[i] and few know what the money is used for. In addition to donors, nonprofit organizations (NPOs) have many different stakeholders to account to, such as members, clients, and employees – to name a few. One tool NPOs can utilize to make the organization transparent to increase its accountability is information communication technology (ICT), specifically its Web site.

The research question addressed here is what are the organizational characteristics of nonprofit organizations that adopt internet technologies to account to stakeholders?

Through a combination of content analysis, regression analysis, surveys, and interviews, this study analyzes how NPOs have utilized ICT as a tool to increase their accountability to their stakeholders, or their Virtual Accountability (VA). This study is grounded in the field of public administration. The focus on NPOs reflects the increasing dependence of government on the nonprofit sector in the provision of public services. This research contributes to public administration by enhancing our understanding of promoting accountability among a new breed of public service delivery organizations (NPOs) via the contemporary application of ICT.

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